M 135,1/310TWD

The trapezoidal profile Hacierco TP 135.1/310 is mostly used as a load-bearing profile (load-bearing shell) in the so-called positive layer for thermally insulated roof structures. In the negative position, it can be used as a roof profile. The trapezoidal sheet forms the upper room closure and can be produced in many colors for architecturally sophisticated solutions.

  • steel trapezoidal profile according to EN 1993-1-3
  • min/max manufacturing length: 2 m / 28 m
  • corrosion protection according to DIN 55634/ DIN EN 10346
  • available in steel thicknesses of 0.75/0.88/1.00/1.13/1.25/1.50 mm
  • available as acoustic profile in perforated design
  • available with anti-condensation coating
  • allows sound insulation values of up to 50 dB
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Hacierco TP DGNB
Hacierco TP DGNB

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