Now FM Approved: The world's largest property insurer certifies our long span deckings
13.03.2020 -

The coveted certificate was awarded to ArcelorMittal Costruction following extensive audits.

Because of the demanding static tasks and the prevention of damage to life, limb and property, every builder is anxious to use a high-quality trapezoidal steel profile in the roof area. In accordance with this customer requirement, our trapezoidal steel profiles have been tested and certified by FM Global. FM Global is one of the largest property insurers and operates an innovative test and research centre for product safety. The results are incorporated into concepts and techniques for active loss prevention. FM certification is a globally recognised quality criterion, especially for structural fire protection. Following extensive audits, ArcelorMittal Construction was awarded the Approval Standard for Profiled Steel Panel for Use as Decking in Class 1 Insulated Roof Construction certificate in accordance with FM Approval Standard 4881. When using FM-certified trapezoidal steel profiles, it is possible to: minimise the risks of damage, achieve discounts on your property insurance premiums and minimise consequential damage in the event of a claim. This profiles were certified: AM 85/280, AM 96/250, AM 100/275, AM 135/310, AM 150/280, AM 160/250, AM 170/250, AM 106/250 and AM 200/240.  Talk to our sales staff about our FM trapezoidal steel profiles!