Newsletter III/2020: INTENSE® 60 - beautiful and durable
17.11.2020 -

Newsletter/III/2020: See here what an INTENSE® facade built in 2013 looks like in November 2020

  • INTENSE® 60 is a coating family from ArcelorMittal Construction with five metallic shimmering colors (see newsletter)
  • The INTENSE® 60 coatings are characterized by attractiveness, robustness and durability
  • A layer thickness of 60 μm and the metallic coating ZM Evolution protects the surface of the facade effectively and permanently against corrosion
  • The integrated UV protection prevents fading of the colors, see Case Study
Case Study: Durability of INTENSE® 60 coatings using the example of the building in Heilbad Heiligenstadt
  • is one of the leading German online stores for bathrooms and bathroom accessories
  •     From 2013 a new combined warehouse, office and exhibition building was built
  •     The entire facade of the building was constructed using ONDATHERM® 2000B sandwich panels.
  •     The exhibition area of the building received the panel coating INTENSE® Copper 1968, which optimally protects the facade.
  •     Copper 1968, a warm, shiny metallic copper tone, allows - depending on the position of the sun - interesting and attractive color gradients
  •     After seven years in use, the façade impresses with its color brilliance and a flawless surface - as if it were a new building.
  •     The UV protection prevents the color tone from fading and makes the surfaces of the panels glow in a rich copper tone - for many more years to come
  •     The robust 60 μm strong coating system is a safe protection against abrasion and prevents contamination and corrosion

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