FM Approved: A knighthood for our sandwich panels with hidden fixing
13.03.2020 -

FM certification is a globally recognised quality criterion, especially for structural fire protection.

ONDATHERM sandwich panels 2000/2003 with hidden fixing have now received approval from the world's largest property insurer.
ONDATHERM 2000/2003 panels combine aesthetics, excellent thermal insulation, high load-bearing capacity and good fire protection properties in a single product. The panels are fastened by means of a load distribution plate, which allows the best possible fastening forces and thus the largest spans. The special joint geometry, with a double tongue-and-groove connection, ensures the best airtightness values and guarantees compliance with the highest thermal insulation requirements.
FM Global is one of the largest property insurers and operates an innovative test and research centre for product safety. The results flow into concepts and techniques for active loss prevention. FM certification is a globally recognized quality criterion, especially for structural fire protection. When using FM-certified ONDATHERM sandwich panels you can: minimize the risks of a damage event, achieve discounts on the premiums of your property insurance and minimize consequential damages in case of a claim.