Additive ceiling system Cofraplus 220 with new approval
06.10.2020 -

The new approval, valid until 2025, now also includes the new support variant with cleats

  • The new approval is valid until August 2025 and includes detailed drawings in the annexes
  • 3 different support variants: Wings( welded or now also screwed ), Slimfoor and now also cleats

This is what distinguishes Cofraplus 220:

  • New support variant with cleats in simplified design - versatile application not only in parking lot construction but also in other building construction 
  • Allows spans of composite ceilings of up to 5.50m without installation support and up to 9.0m with installation support
  • tN=1,25mm as standard sheet thickness
  • High corrosion resistance with ZMevolution coating ZM 175
  • split profiled panels without cross profiling in the upper belt for better sealing of the longitudinal edge formation
  • More info
  • Application example cylinder house Bernkastel-Kues