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Backed by more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, our composite floor systems are fully adapted for use in the construction of car parks. Fast to install, our range of flooring solutions have been proven to deliver optimised and cost-effective results.

Our composite floors meet all the regulatory requirements and can be installed in open car parks without any additional fire protection necessary. Technically advanced, they can be used for large span applications without any props and with minimal slab thicknesses.


Whether you are installing on steel or timber frames, we have a sustainable solution which will work for your project. Our helpful team is on hand to give you expert support and advice.

Cofraplus 220 Montage

ArcelorMittal Cofraplus® 220 floor system in combination with the integrated composite beam concept CoSFB for the construction of composite ceilings in high-rise and multi-storey buildings.

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The Slim Floor concept

The Slim Floor concept

With this innovative concept from ArcelorMittal, the steel beam is integrated in the thickness of the slab. Thus, the height of the complex beam and the slab is significantly reduced, and a composite effect is created between the two structural elements. Compatible with Cofraplus® 220, the Slim Floor concept avoids additional fire protection, saving valuable costs on the overall construction of the project.


Our solutions have to be able to cope with the changing demands of how we live, and at the same protect the future of our planet. To ensure that we make the most of the natural resources in our builds, we do our best to make sure that future car park projects either contain as much recyclable material as possible or can easily be remodelled for an alternative use. Our teams can advise on our adaptable systems.


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